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Our experts ensure that you are provided with the best nutritionists and ayurvedic doctors across the country. Our Ayurvedic Diet Plans will guide you on what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat - to help you improve your health and lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring an ayurvedic style of living to every house and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The different types of food that you consume in your everyday life causes specific doshas to increase or decrease in your body. We aim to provide personalized diet such as a diet for Vata dosha, diet for Pitta dosha & diet for Kapha dosha that is best suitable according to your body constitution (prakirti), and that will keep the various doshas balanced.

Our Vision

Experience a transformative and balanced life with our customized Ayurveda diet plans, diet chart, and lifestyle that will help you to keep toxic levels of your body all-time low. Add nutritional value to our customer’s health.


Get rid of all diseases and live a happy & healthy life with our Ayurvedic Diet Plans...

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We work in3 simple steps

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    Body constitution

    The first thing that we do is analyze your body type. Everybody type is different from the other and requires a customized diet plan, diet chart & lifestyle. This first step mainly consists of Prakriti analysis or body constitution. Prakriti analysis determines the physiological as well as the psychological structure.

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    Understanding your Lifestyle &
    Medical condition

    Understanding your lifestyle and medical conditions is of utmost importance to us. We do a thorough follow up on your lifestyle, profession, daily routine, activity level, likes, dislikes, sleeping patterns, addictions, and much more. Along with this, we suggest Ayurvedic Diet Plans, Diet Chart & Lifestyle altered according to any medical conditions (Diabetes, PCOD, High Cholesterol, etc.) that you might have.

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    Personalized Diet plan &
    Follow up

    Based on your body type, you will be provided with a personalized diet plan, diet chart & lifestyle. We also alter your diet plan based on your suitability and how far you have progressed in your weight loss. For follow-ups and keeping a check on your progress, we will arrange a weekly meet with an appointed ayurvedic doctor.

Our Health Specialist Team

Dr. Rinku Gaikwad (B.A.M.S.) Age : 32  /   Experience : 8 years Designation : Doctor
Dr. Roopali Panchal (M.S. (Ayu) Ayurveda Dhanvantari) Age : 37  /   Experience : 14 years Designation : Doctor

Customer Reviews Success Stories

"Thanks for a great teleconference today - there was a lot that really "rang" for me, not the least of which was learning that my intuition and observation of some of the foods and things that make me feel good (and some that don't) are "true to type" of my mostly-Kapha self!"

Aniruddha Desai Pune

Your consultation was so helpful for me to understand my body's reaction to food. Since our call, I have been continuing to build this connection between certain foods and the reaction within my body. The herbs have been working well. I have been losing about a pound a week and notice a drastic difference in my metabolism. Talk to you soon and thank you for changing my life! 

Nikita Sharma Mumbai

We are slowly but surely working Ayurvedic principles into our lifestyle. My husband has developed a distinct liking for Tumeric and is finding new uses for it every day. We are both making more conscious food choices by making our own meals. I feel so much better when I have lighter, Pitta-friendly meals. 

Kuldeep Shrivastav Delhi

I am enjoying the new diet greatly and wanted to thank you for having such an open and honest session with me. It was a lovely experience."

Sujata Deshmukh Pune

Nutrition Strategies heading_line

Eating specific things at a specific time can help your body in the long run. Right from ayurveda based breakfast to ayurveda based dinner, we have everything planned for you. Our nutrition strategies are customized to help you lose weight, gain lean muscle, and improve overall energy levels, while you maintain a healthy & nutritious diet.

Toxic Free Products heading_line

Our everyday food contains a lot of toxins and chemicals that cause a negative impact on our health and body. Our diet plans only include toxic free products that are safe and beneficial to you. When you are healthy on the inside, you naturally feel healthy on the outside.

Workout Routines heading_line

An everyday workout routine is important for the body and the mind. Based on your body type, we provide various workout routines. Light exercise like walking is preferable for a person with a Vata body type. Similarly, moderate exercise like swimming is more suitable for a person with a Pitta body type. On the other hand, a person with a Kapha body type will require intense workout like jogging and aerobics.

Fitness & Performance heading_line

Fitness is more than just exercising and working out. It is the amount of physical activity that you incorporate in your everyday routine. Your overall physical activity should lead to long-term health benefits. Our Ayurvedic Diet Plans are sure to improve your performance and enhance your health.